Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From a Feline's Point of View

My first blog post! I was so excited earlier, I spazzed out and ran around the office looking all insane and fluffy! The humans love that, so I figured I'd give them a thrill, too.

So, things have been crazy around here lately! Phones are ringing. Office humans are beginning to walk around more. The humans in the warehouse are moving big black crates out of trucks. Others are taking the bags out of the crates, putting them in boxes and then either a brown truck or a white truck takes it away. Seems odd for humans to be excited about taking something in and then letting it go out the door again. But who am I to judge?

View from the window sill of Zephyranthes candida, after the rain.
I just jumped up on the window sill and took a look outside. It rained earlier. Puddles are everywhere. But the Zephyranthes candida looks great! Its blooms are sparked open by the ozone after a falling rain in the late Summer/early Fall. Huh? What? You're surprised by my knowledge? Give me a little credit! Don't forget, I lie around this office all day listening to what humans are saying. I know a lot more than you'd think. In fact you can email me your questions if you want. Yes, I know...a cat has an email? Oooo, wow, like humans are the only ones who use a computer. What do you think I do around here after everyone leaves at night? Lick my paws and look cute? No, I'm scoping out the latest feline finds on the Doctor's Foster & Smith's website and playing Angry Birds! Ha ha ha meow...Love that game! Anyway, email me your questions at

 (Yaaawn...stretch) Well....I hear my litterbox calling. Check back again soon. I think I'll sneak outside next time when no one is looking and see what's crawling around in the garden!

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