Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Through the Eyes of a 3 Year Old Gardener

It occurred to me the other day, that I hadn't posted anything here in a while. I began to think of a topic that would be of interest to people who garden, or more precisely, to people who garden with bulbs. I mean, we are in the understated, lesser known phase that I call "the bridge"...when Spring is gone and Summer is coming. Color is not quite as obvious as Spring and the aura of Summer has yet to fall upon us. For some it's the time where they start mowing the lawn more frequently. Others are prepping and planting bulbs for Summer bloom. But I was still stuck with what to write about. Then yesterday, something was presented to me which lit me on fire (which rarely happens) and it took me a good portion of the night to remove the emotion of it all and ponder what I may be observing. And, at the time, it had nothing to do with gardening. And now, after a night's sleep, it still doesn't. Or does it? So, exuse me while I ponder more...

 Do you know those people who rant? Ranters! They are people who just have to express their opinions on a certain topic whether you want to hear it or not. There are ranters who sometimes have a little something to say, but then there are "those" who have little to say other than their rant!

As an example, let's say hypothetically (more or less...and in this case, less), you decide one afternoon to partake of the food, service and fellowship with your wife and child at a local restaurant later that evening, and then you decide to make a nice, quiet mention of the fact on a certain social networking website. Your intention was to share the joy you foresee occurring when your child's eyes light up after hearing that he is going to eat there. Then someone takes a stab at the restaurant for something they feel isn't fair. Then someone defends the restaurant and the owner. Then it elevates to a political discussion that is FAR removed from the original intent of the message.

Another example, you are at a party and you know "that" person who, if given the chance to corner you, will do so and divulge all of what should and shouldn't be done with this company, that country, this neighbor or that President. They won't do anything about it, like run for public office or join the home owners association. Nope, they are content on sharing their opinions to anyone that is forced to listen to them.

You have the point now. So, why do they feel the need to take shots, be outspoken, turn an otherwise sweet comment and make it into something argumentative? I thought about this and then looked at my son. Here is a boy who loves people, who loves being outside, digging for worms, planting seeds, picking and eating vegetables, picking daffodils (and correctly, I might add), fishing, finding bugs in the grass and more. So much more! He's a boy that also doesn't see race. He doesn't see liberal, conservative or independent. He doesn't see financial status. He doesn't see gay or straight. He sees the love of the world that was instilled into us before birth. He sees a family that loves him. He sees friends that love the family and he sees strangers who smile and wave at him. He sees the beauty of the earth and that it is his HUGE, personal playground.

So, where did those eyes go for us? We use to have them. Do they just fade overtime like our real eyes? Or is it that we get too wrapped up in the agendas around us that we just forget. Do we get too wrapped up in the agendas that, to some, it just becomes their world? A mockingbird mimics the songs that it hears, but what if it only hears crow? Then it never enjoys the song of the dove.

Take a moment and reflect on how you see things and how you express your feelings about it. And, more importantly, watch how and when you choose to speak out. Step back and take notice as to what song you are singing. It's perfectly acceptable to be the mockingbird, as long as you know how to change your song depending on the audience. Or, watch your child, your grandchild, or remember (if you can) what it was like to see the world through the eyes of a 3 year old gardener.

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